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Wich present is the best for you?

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dilluns, 8 de juny de 2015

My first album!!

Hello!!! This week I'm going to talk about my travel to Lisboa, Portugal with my family. I'm going to follow the diferents points that I write in the other post.

Lasts days my parents prepare the travel to Lisboa and I thought to do an album. When I return to Barcelona I selected the bests images to print.

Then I inspire and I made shapes with the papers scrapebooks and I pasted in the album. I need apromimately one week to do it, and my result is this:

Cover (LISBOA)

1st Page (Aeroplane)

2nd Page (Visits in diferents Towers)

3rd Page (Places of the town)

4th Page (Monastery)

5th Page (Importants monuments)

6th Page (Castles)

7th Page (Transports)

8th Page (Restaurants and Store toys)

Final Page (Hotel and aeroplane)

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