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Wich present is the best for you?

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dimarts, 9 de juny de 2015

Albums for gifts

Hello all of you!!! Today I'm not going to do the same as always because is boaring and heavy. I'm inspirin and today I have two littles albums for the comunions of my cosins. I thought to do twenty- five and twenty.five more for every person on my family, would be cool if it were a gift.

I only have done four littles albums and I'm tired but I'm going to finish because I have jury to my parents.  

This is for my little cosuin, Joan!
And this is for my other cousin, Pau!

My communion

Hello everyone!! Today I'm going to talk about the album of my first communion. I had about ten years old I was a Young girl!! This album is the most beautiful for me beacuse they have lots of colors and differents  personalities.

This album have about fifteen pages and I organize different as always, because there aren't any travel and I organize for people. For exemple first my parents and brother, then my grandfathers, then my cosins, uncles... And for other alvums I organize like: Day 1 Tower Bridge, Day 2...

EE.UU Album

Hello PEOPLE!!!! Today I'm going to folow with my favourite album, is the best!! Yesterday I finished the album but went to EE.UU about two years ago. I follow the same steps as always and this album is the longest.

I'm going to show you the result of my album, but first I show you a tutorial of Internet that talks about an exemple of one scrapbook.

dilluns, 8 de juny de 2015

My first album!!

Hello!!! This week I'm going to talk about my travel to Lisboa, Portugal with my family. I'm going to follow the diferents points that I write in the other post.

Lasts days my parents prepare the travel to Lisboa and I thought to do an album. When I return to Barcelona I selected the bests images to print.

Then I inspire and I made shapes with the papers scrapebooks and I pasted in the album. I need apromimately one week to do it, and my result is this:

Cover (LISBOA)

1st Page (Aeroplane)

2nd Page (Visits in diferents Towers)

3rd Page (Places of the town)

4th Page (Monastery)

5th Page (Importants monuments)

6th Page (Castles)

7th Page (Transports)

8th Page (Restaurants and Store toys)

Final Page (Hotel and aeroplane)

How to make an album:

Hello!!! One week ago I start my blog and today I continue with the second one. Now I'm going to show you my points to do this album.

Today I'm going to show you how to make an album, now I put the different points:

1- First I go to buy some originals papers in a House name as "Scrap House", to do this album. In each page I put images, differnece papers of crapbooking to decorate it and others things to do more beautiful. The material that I have are:

-An album
-Papers Scrapbooking --> pair of scissors
-Distress Embossing Ink (for decorate the papers)
-Clips, labels, adhesives... (to do more beautiful)

2- Then, when we have all the material, continue to start the album. First of all we cut and put the middles of each paper scrapbooking. Then paste it in the album.

3- After we paste all the images in the order that you want. (For dates, for places...)

4- Sometimes I put some words to give a little bit of information to the readers.

4- And finally put your decorations like clips, adhesives... to make it more beautiful.

diumenge, 7 de juny de 2015


Hello!!! I'm Gemma Ruiz, student from "La Mercè", Martorell.

I'm writing about my own albums because I love do crafts. I start this job when I was ten years old. My aunt taught me about do crafts and I loved it.

Every summer my family and I go somehere of the world. For example I went to New York, London, Norway... and more places. When we arrive  at home I go to print the photos of the travel and I start making the album.

Now, I have about four albums, because I need more time to do this albums. 

My teacher of technology says that now, we need to make a blog, to incorporate it in this world of technology, like the name of this subject.

When my tecaher says this, I thought it was a good idea to explain to people my hobbies.

My blog will be about albums that I made after I travel with my family. I propose to do this to my readers, because It's fun to do and easy (Only if you like do crafts).

I have albums about my travels or also for exampe about my first communion.

I also do this albums for a presents, for example for the 40 birthday of my dad. My aunt and I prepared a big album about his 40 years and also we made a littles albums to gift to people for birthdays, baptisms...

All of you, the readers, can leave feedback using comments when they are online. Your comments can help and contributed me to do better other bloggs.